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Good Ol' Fashion Goalie Fight Breaks Out During A Line Brawl In The NLL

Beauty of a tilt there, eh boys?

The day I graduated from Columbia J School and entered the world of journalism as a professional, I made a promise to myself. That promise was that no goalie fight–in any sport–would ever go un-journalized again. We live in a time when the credibility of journalists is at an all-time low. But I’m here to bring people the real news without any spin or frills. Facts on top of facts on top of facts. And the fact of the matter here is that Calgary Roughnecks goaltender Frank Scigliano and Saskatchewan Rush goaltender Aaron Bold both dropped the gloves and it was fucking awesome.


There’s something primal that happens whenever two goalies decide to start chucking knucks at each other. You mix that with the music playing in the background while all this is going down, the noise of a few thousand drunk Saskatchewan natives screaming their dicks off and all of a sudden you’re overcome with a thirst for blood. It really makes you wish you were alive during the Spartacus days because those fuckers got to watch battles like this all the time. Just a couple of gladiators fighting to the death. Need that kind of excitement in my life and I guess the National Lacrosse League is the closest thing we have.

P.S. – Welcome to the Thunder Dome, bitch.