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Todd Bowles Reacts To Sheldon Richardson's "Where The Hoes At?" Snapchat Prior To Saturday Night's Game

Pro Football Talk – Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson’s season started with a suspension and it hasn’t gotten much better from there. Richardson has 1.5 sacks on the year, he was benched for a quarter for disciplinary reasons earlier this year and now he’s making waves again thanks to a Snapchat video. In the video, which was shot in the Jets locker room before Saturday night’s loss to the Dolphins, Richardson asks “where the hoes at?” before saying what sounds like “f— this game” just before the end of the video. Coach Todd Bowles was asked about the video on a Sunday conference call, called it “unacceptable” and said he’d speak to Richardson about it in the near future. “I was just made aware of it and me and Sheldon will have a conversation very soon,” Bowles said, via the New York Post. “We don’t condone any of that. We’re going to have a discussion and take care of it.”

Todd Bowles gotta go, man. Gotta go. You can’t have dudes doing pre game Snapchat takeovers asking for the hoes and blatantly saying “Fuck This Game” and keep your job. You just can’t. We dont condone it, I’m gonna talk to him, blah blah blah. Same old uninspiring nonsense from the Man Who’s Mouth Doesnt Move. The Moon Face Emoji strikes again with the best example of non-coaching yet:


Now Sheldon Richardson is no doubt an enormous asshole. And to say he’s underperforming would be a GROSS understatement. 1.5 sacks on the year. Suspensions. A laundry list of dumb incidents and antics off the field. And just a general disposition that he doesn’t really give a shit about his job. He’s a complete dickhead. But everyone was assuming he was going to be such a monster every Sunday that all the other bullshit wouldn’t matter. If he played up to his potential, he can talk about hoes on Snapchat all he wants. You can say “fuck this game” as long as your actions say otherwise and you earn that paycheck.

But that’s not what’s happening here and a big reason why is Todd Bowles. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own actions, but coaching is a huge factor when dealing with super talented malcontents like Sheldon Richardson. Nobody respects Bowles. Nobody fears him. There are certain coaches in this game who bring out the best in dickhead players. Coaches that warrant enough respect that problematic players know they need to behave and perform. The Belichick/Randy Moss effect. And Todd Bowles clearly ain’t that guy. On top of his bizarrely bad in game coaching, he just ain’t breeding the winning atmosphere that has been the Jets big picture problem for years now.

Again I know it’s harsh to blame Todd Bowles for another grown man being an unprofessional child. But at the end of the day Sheldon Richardson has shown that he has the talent and ability to be a superstar in this league if he’s kept in check and so you need to find the guy that can do that. You need to find the guy that establishes an atmosphere where players aren’t missing meetings and practices. Where they aren’t mouthing off to the media and the fans. It’s just more of the Same Old Jets under Todd Bowles. Bad in game execution on Sundays and even worse organizational performance outside the lines every other day of the week. It might be a quick hook. I know it’s only a season removed from 10 wins. But I’d rather just start over now than let him linger on like they did with Rex.

As for Sheldon Richardson…well the guy is just a cocksucker. Such a dick move and more importantly such a chick move on Saturday night. On fucking Snapchat complaining about work. Man up, dude. You’ve been fucking trash this year and the rest of the league is laughing at you and your team. You run around calling yourself Boss Hogg, fucking act like it.

Worst part is he’ll probably eventually end up on another team with one of those coaches that gets him to see the light and he’ll be awesome. Because that’s what happens if you’re the Jets. Trash results for a trash franchise.