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Ashley Graham Has Been Going To Town With Bikini Pics On Insta And I'm Kinda Into It Honestly

It’s that time of year where all over Instagram chicks are traveling the globe to escape the shitty winter going on across the country and plus-sized model extralargeordinaire Ashley Graham is no exception. But when I saw these pics over the weekend, I was shocked that I was feeling the vibes a little more than expected. I’m still on board with the sentiment that she doesn’t necessarily need to be a SI Swimsuit model or a Victoria’s Secret Angel but I’m at a place now where I can appreciate her for what she is. I recently had a “never meet your heroes” moment with an Instagram chick I’ve been a big fan of and was just baffled by the body I was seeing in person in not-so-great ways. But with Ashley Graham you know what you’re getting to the point where when she looks a little lean you’re like “Alriiight now we’re talking some quality high key thiccness” and can get on board. I don’t believe this is my gateway drug into a weird life of chubby chasing or feeder fetishes and I still will prefer the “stick figure with tits” look more often than not but I’m willing to say: Yes, I’m kind of feeling Ashley Graham right now. Hell of a honor to cap off her 2016 I’m sure.