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Casey Affleck's Dunkin Donuts Commercial Is The Most Accurate Dunkin Donuts Commercial Ever

Very funny bit. I laughed a lot. Excellent. Well done.

*grabs megaphone because I have an ulterior motive for posting this blog*


I have to write this blog very quickly because the Massachusetts State Police are sure to kick in my door any second, as admitting that Dunkin Donuts is trash is illegal under Massachusetts state law, but Dunkin Donuts stinks and it stinks bad. I don’t drink coffee (I’d say coffee is for weak people, which it is, but that’s a take too many for one blog) so I can’t really speak to that aspect of DD, but the food is the most garbage food in existence. It truly befuddles me that anyone walks into Dunkin Donuts and asks them for something to eat. A Dunkin donuts sausage, egg, and cheese tastes like a sponge wrapped in a paper towel. The only way their bagels have any taste is if you douse them in ketchup, and even then it’s barely noticeable. That’s how bad the food is, it sucks the flavor out of things. If you eat it then you’re a poor person and that’s not up for debate. “Poor people taste” is a phrase that’s thrown around more than I care to admit but it’s perfectly applicable here. Dunks (a stupid nickname that people like to use to make it sound cool even though it sucks) is garbage and I’m perfectly willing to fistfight over this fact.

PS – Casey Affleck does the only good Boston accent in Hollywood and I’m counting both Ben and Matt Damon.