I Hope This Spoiled Girl Screaming At Her Grandpa Over An iPhone Appointment Gets Coal In Her Stocking Then Hit By A Bus

I was in a mall waiting for Asian food which ended up tasting like garbage. All of a sudden this green haired girl starts cussing at her Grandpa about how they’re going to be late to fix her iPhone. Merry Christmas I guess

Listen obviously this girl is a total spoiled brat and about to become the poster child for all the people who love to say millennials are the devil and eroding the very fabric of the country. But in her defense those Apple store appointments are a motherfucker. I mean don’t even get me started on the “Genius Bar” and all those cocky losers and their condescending attitudes – newsflash fellas, if you were really a genius, you wouldn’t be working in a tucked in polo shirt in an Apple retail store. Add in the fact they make you schedule that shit online like a week ahead of time at the most inconvenient times only and still make you wait forever once you get there, yeah, I’d be a little pissed off if grandpa made me miss my slot because he needed some Manchu Wok. Not like you can just go around living with a broken phone.

So yeah in an ideal world you wouldn’t talk to gramps like this and cry and literally stamp your feet while you pout, but also in an ideal world, grandpa would have raised his kid to become a better parent and not produce and raise a bitch that ends up with green hair and tells you to fuck yourself in the middle of the mall food court.

[via Inquisitr]