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Well That Was Fun For A Hot Minute As The Cockteasing Eagles Strike Again

I honestly don’t know where this team stands. Yes, they have minimal talent. Yes, they’re boring as whaleshit to watch. Yes, the head coach seems like the kind of moron who would lock himself in a gas station bathroom with no escape (which is sadly a move relegated to the franchise quarterback). They’re obviously not winning, but do they have a future? I have no fucking idea. And my biggest fear is not realizing that and staying in purgatory for years to come. Wentz has flashes of brilliance, but also shows so many signs of incompetence – Especially with his accuracy and decision making (THROW THE FUCKING BALL AWAY ONCE IN A BLUE MOON MAN). Hopefully these are all rookie jitters, but who knows? Maybe it won’t even matter and they’ll never get the talent around him needed to succeed, anyways.

And I don’t hate the high school hardo coaching call of going for 2 to end it, but that’s the ultimate Doug Pederson win-win move. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, at least you can say you have balls. I mean, forget about the fact the Eagles D stuffed the Ravens to only 7 points in the second half. Let’s prove our nuts hang lower by ending it now with the most predictable play call possible. Maybe a good team and coach wouldn’t have to put themselves in a situation to make that damn decision. There were PLENTY of chances for the Eagles to come out on top today…but isn’t that the theme every week? Naturally, they get a “Rebuilding” bullshit pass for an excuse this season, but I’m petrified of these kinds of winnable games becoming par for the Eagles course.

PS – Exactly. Forget going for 2…THIS 4th down call was the damn game. Same shit, different administration.