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Presenting the Official Logo For The the Boca Raton Wet the Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Bowl presented by Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports

bocabowl copy

In case youve been living under a rock that dosen’t have the internet, Pardon My Take has heroically and troop-ishly stepped in and bravely agreed to sponsor-cuck the Boca Raton bowl by forcing our way into its naming rights without there permission.

For all you who thought we were going to half-ass this like we half-assed cult week and airport revews by not doing them, well your wrong. We’ve designed a sweet logo, we are getting the finishing touches put on our trophy today, and we are filming a hype video for Monday. Not to mention the act that we are planning wall-to-wall coverage for the game on Tuesday.

This game is going to be explosive. The over/under is at 79 points which means that it is going to be a points factory with more incompetent defense then Manitowac county Wisconsin, and we will have Caleb Pressley on-site giving you all the excitement live from Sunny Boca Raton and interviewing the elderly about how much money they could realistically afford to pay a month for piece of mind that they aren’t in a ponzi scheme. Also, we will be annoucning a very exciting opportunity for you to get educated about the dangers of Ponzi schemes for a low low one-time installment where you will learn how to educate other people about the dangers of ponzi schemes and make some cash while you’re at it! Win-win!