Make The Nets Bigger: Maple Leafs And Coyotes Combine To Hit About A Hundred Posts In Overtime/Shootout

Looks like Maple Leafs and Coyotes were both in the Holiday spirit last night as each team was trying to gift a win to the other. Or maybe this is just what happens when two struggling teams force each other into overtime.












As one of the guys who has been leading the “make the nets bigger” charge, I’m sure Babcock was just thrilled about the way this game ended. Especially after Peter Holland scored the game winner in the shootout. Toronto fans may recognize Peter Holland as the guy who they just traded to Arizona a week ago today. Tough night for Babs and if you listened to Mike Commodore on Spittin’ Chiclets the other week, you’re pretty pleased with his misery.

Speaking of Commie’s hatred of Mike Babcock, Maple Leafs defenseman Frank Corrado is going through a similar situation this year. He’s spent pretty much the entire season so far in the press box and here’s what he had to say about it to The Athletic.

“Everyone on our back end gets a chance to play except me,” Corrado said.  “I’d love to play. I had a good camp. I put on ten pounds in the summer. I sacrificed a lot to earn a job here when there might not have been one for me. I’m sure Holly’s situation was similar in ways, but for me, it’s really frustrating right now…

… but at the end of the day, the coach is the one who makes the lineup and if the coach doesn’t like you, then you’re not going to play. And that’s where I’m at right now.”

And then Babcock’s response…

“I’m disappointed he feels that way. If you think me liking you has anything to do with whether you play or don’t play, you’re missing the boat big time. I love the guys and I’m hoping for all of them that they do well. Whether you go in the lineup or not is based on how you play, period, nothing personal. It becomes personal and it’s just unfortunate that he feels that way.”

Mike Babcock. Kind of a two-faced cock sucker. Who would have ever thought.

P.S. – Good ol’ Arizona boy Auston Matthews lit the lamp against his hometown team last night.

Maybe putting a professional hockey team in a desert wasn’t such a bad idea after all…