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Poor Draymond Green Was "Pissed Off" That Kristaps Porzingis Was Looking Forward To Playing Against Him


Let me start off this blog with the timeless “Fuck Draymond Green” phrase. He’s the new Danny Ainge. Everybody hates him. What is Kristaps Porzingis supposed to say other than the cliche “I’m looking forward to playing him” nonsense? That he hates playing against Draymond because Draymond is a big ol’ bitch that loves punching dudes in the balls, kicks like a fucking sissy, and has a peg leg dick? Screw that. Ingr?da Porzi??e raised her little unicorn to be a goddamn gentlemen like most of the beautiful people of Latvia. Not some cheap shotting asshole that nobody likes. Nobody likes playing a cock puncher, but it’s the classy players that don’t bring it up. Plus I just have this sneaking suspicion that Draymond Green smells like old pepperoni. Cheap shot artists that kick like Chun Li always smelled funky. I wouldn’t want to play against smelly ass Draymond either. Fuck. Draymond. Green.

Oh yeah and I don’t want to hear about how the Warriors beat the Knicks in the first matchup of the super teams. If you take away the 23 points that Golden State’s starting point guard and small forward scored (like the Knicks were missing Derrick Rose and Melo), New York wins by 10. There is no way to refute that. Super Team 101 stuff.