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Todd Gurley vs Disgruntled Fantasy Football Player, Who You Got?


In one corner, out of Baltimore Maryland, weighing in at 6’1, 231 pounds, Todddddd Gurleyyyyyyy

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 9.14.07 AM

And in the other corner, fighting out of Missouri, weighing probably 175ish or so, One of theeeeeseeee guysssssss

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 9.16.11 AM

Well the gauntlet has been laid down. The challenge has been made. Todd Gurley vs Keith Stone in a no-holds barred street fight because Gurley has been sub-par in fantasy football this season. It’s only fair that people yell at Gurley, because being a professional athlete on a terrible team is a pretty chill job. If only he realized Keith Stone had him in fantasy football, he would have tried harder to begin with. So it seems like a pretty fair fight, and for a pretty good reason.

I will say though, as much as I hate people who tweet at athletes about fantasy football, Keith Stone had a pretty good come-back.