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Start Your Friday Off With An AWESOME Christmas Edition Of Carpool Karaoke

So I wrote in a blog the other day that I don’t really give a shit about Mariah Carey except for that three week stretch during December (which were currently in) where I’m obsessed with Christmas music. And this is why. Her “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a top-1 Christmas song. It’s the best. As soon as you hear those bells at the beginning, you get excited. Even better when Adele, Lady Gaga, Chris Martin, Selena Gomez and whoever else is belting it out in James Corden’s carpool karaoke. If that video didn’t get you in the holiday spirit then you’re just a fucking grinch. Carpool karaoke has obviously blown up into a giant viral sensation but why hasn’t he had G-Unit in there yet? Seems a little suspect. I’m not saying it but many people are saying that Corden might be racist against rappers. Many, many people are saying that. Something to think about, James.

PS- Nice tits, Mariah.