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Steve Kerr Asking The Golden State Crowd For A "Moment Of Joy" To Honor Craig Sager Was Absolutely Perfect

Really cool stuff out of Steve Kerr last night, honoring Craig Sager in a fashion that he would have probably loved. I imagine Kerr had a different perspective than most when it came to Sager because he was a TNT broadcaster before he was a GM and coach. You get an arena to give you a standing applause after you died as well as receive the type of reaction Sager has gotten on the internet in the year 2016 and you know that you lived your life the right way. Moments of Joy >>>>>>>>> Moments of Silence. I’m asking for a moment of joy when I die. Death is full of silence. Give me some cheers and I’ll be smiling from wherever I am beyond the grave.

I also wanted to include these two videos because I thought they did a good job summing up what Sager was all about.

RIP Craig Sager. Fuck cancer. #SagerStrong.