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Masshole Gets Locked Inside LA Fitness In Saugus, Snapchats The Whole Thing, Promptly Gets Banned For Life

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Figures, the only time I get to write about Saugus, it’s when we fuck something up. Unreal. But honestly, I don’t know why this dude was bugging out. I would LOVE to be locked in a gym by myself. Don’t have to worry about people sweating all over your shit, don’t have to wait for equipment, don’t have to have 50 stop and chats with people asking how’s ya fathah and all that shit. You’ve got a jacuzzi to yourself for the night. Bro, make the best of an unfortunate situation here. You’ve got an adult playground to yourself. I’d be throwing weights around, grunting as loudly as I possibly could.

And I’m not exactly sure why he got banned for life, either. That’s definitely the gym’s fault for not checking to see if anyone was still in there. It’s not like he hid with the intentions of getting locked in. One second you think you’re in line for three months of a free membership, next thing you know you’re forced into a Planet Fitness membership, and there’s no punishment more cruel than that. Saugus doing it big.