Beef Johnston and John Daly Are Currently In Talks With Boo Weekley And Steven Bowditch To Face Off In A Birdie, Beer And Beef Triathlon

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LET’S GO! THIS IS EXACTLY THE TYPE OF THING GOLF NEEDS! PGA-sponsored events are cool and all that but this is the type of shit that needs to happen more often. Side matches with tour pros. It might get watered down a little bit since they’re already getting sponsors involved but hopefully not too much. Just let Beef, Daly, Boo and Bowditch do their thing. Let them get drunk and play some entertaining golf. They need to sell cheap tickets to the event so they get a Happy Gilmore crowd, sell cheap beer and allow off-the-beaten-path media to cover it (Me and Riggs, specifically). Do it all in the name of charity and this event will be huge. Pure debauchery. Debauchery as far as the eye can see. Again, hopefully they don’t lean on their corporate sponsors too much cause that will screw up the whole thing. Make it just a couple of heavy set, heavy-drinking, cigarette-smoking, long drive -hitting golfers having fun. Must-see type of stuff if it happens.