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Dude Lights Up His Vest Of Fireworks And You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Step aside, Costanza. For we have a new Lord Of The Idiots in our presence. Wait…he didn’t die? I actually don’t believe that didn’t happen next. That’s what we call Buzzfeeding my headline into a pretzel. This specimen legit lights his own suicide vest ablaze and not only came out with his life but all of his limbs. Take notes, JPP. But congrats, America. Idiocracy is closer to reality than we ever thought. If this guy’s Barstool Idol audition doesn’t work out maybe he can land a job as a greeter at a Costco.

Also, this majestic result of Evolution naturally has a YouTube channel called “Too Stupid To Die” where he completes such Academy Award nominated videos as “Rat Trap Vs. Face” and “Belly Flop Onto 1,500 Thumbtacks”. And to think Jackass peaked with Ryan Dunn’s Ferrari fireball stunt. This guy is going to go down swinging even harder.