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I Hate Anyone Who Has A Firm Grasp Of Science


This video is preposterous. At first, I was like, “Hell yeah. I love science” until it got past the point of our sun and then I became pissed. I’m on the record as saying that I hate the sun but I can’t live in a universe where the sun is made out to be such a little bitch. All these other huge ass fancy stars shitting on the sun. Galaxies all over the place.

Galaxies here, there, everywhere. One star is 5 billion times bigger than the sun? How are we supposed to wrap our heads around that? I can’t. I’m sitting at my kitchen table absolutely shook at the prospect of a star 5 billion times bigger than the sun. Although, UY Scuti is dumb ass name for a star so big. I’d be pissed if I was UY Scuti. Here I am absolutely dwarfing the sun and you call me Scuti? Scuti is a name for fuck boi stars, not the biggest in the universe. I don’t trust anyone who understands science to this degree. If you wish to make and apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.