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Michael Jordan Told a Young Rip Hamilton That He Wasn't Good Enough To Wear Jordans

I love a good Michael Jordan trash talk story. It seems there’s a new one every 3 weeks and they never disappoint. Making Kwame cry at practice, telling Nick Anderson exactly what he’s going to do and scoring on him, calling Muggsy a fucking midget, it goes on and on. So when one pops up like this that he was straight disrespecting Rip and an “unnamed” teammate, it just adds to his legacy of the greatest.

And we have little idea the extent his trash talk goes when he’s playing for millions of dollars on the golf course. If I could be a fly on a golf bag for a MJ vs Phil Ivey high stakes golf match I could die a happy man. We’re talking 6 and 7 figure putts with the two biggest degens of all time, plus MJ’s soul crashing trash talking.