Dropbox Promotes How Diverse They Are... Uses A Picture Of Almost Exclusively White People

I actually clicked that link (a level of dedication to a story previously unknown to me) so I slightly understand what they’re trying to say here. In the 2015-2016 numbers there’s definitely more women and non-white people being hired. 7% more women and 4% more non-whites, to be exact. But come on, guys, how dumb can you be to use this pic with a “Diversity at Dropbox” line? You’re all fucking white. Even that Asian lady is white as shit. I don’t know how that makes sense but it just does, that Asian lady is white as shit. Madras pants? Come on. Probably demands to speak to managers and has a kid named Wyatt. Asian ass white person.

I’d say it’s stunning that people still make mistakes like this but it just goes to show you that smart people are fuckin idiots. Sure, that group of people can get 17 hours of family vacation footage to all your friends so they can never watch it, but they can’t have the thought that says “Well maybe a white washed photo shouldn’t be the one we send out with the ‘diversity’ tweet.” It’s like getting a family Christmas card that says, “Merry Christmas” and the picture is everyone screaming at each other while the tree is on fire. The words and the images just don’t drive. Mix in some melanin next time you wanna pimp diversity, Dropbox.

PS – Barstool isn’t exactly diverse but we don’t pretend to be either, so we can’t be held accountable on this.