Tip Of The Cap To This Fake @KFCBarstool Twitter Account For Trolling Me To Unpack Boxes For An Hour Last Night

The Internet has been rampant with fake accounts and trolls since the beginning of time. Twitter and the Barstool universe are not immune to such tomfoolery. So I suppose I should have been more alert when (a) KFC DM’d me last night (the dude used a capital “I” for the last l, thus making it undetectable to the naked eye). Then again, from the nature of the text I would’ve never in a million, TRILLION years that message was from a troll who solely exchanged possible, and pointless, work info. But that’s the genius of it. Akin to John Voight’s car out in Seinfeld, if the troll would’ve said we’re shooting a video tomorrow with, say, Liam Neeson, the jig would be up. But something so subtle as dressing up in our respective NL East team wear to shoot a quick video in front of the green screen is so damn subtle and realistic I had, and have no issue with my ignorance. What I do have an issue with is how I legit spent an hour going through my unpacked boxes from moving to locate the baseball pants. I SWORE I walked off the Penn Baseball field wearin them after my valiant tryout and, for some reason, brought the pants to NYC. Wasting precious time away from Westworld going through shit was not how I planned my night, but it’s all in good, wholesome fun. I got GOT, and above all, I’m a man who respects a solid prank.

I have no choice but to tip my cap to the troll. Good day to you, sir. Don’t ever fucking do it again.

PS – I will never apologize for being a grown man who hasn’t played organized baseball in over a decade yet still can put together a full, pro(ish) baseball uniform together in an hour. Unless I’m apologizing to myself, which is more necessary than you think.

PPS – In all seriousness, this is how you try to slip one by the ol’ Barstool goalie. It’s simple. It’s fair. Do NOT go to extremes like the time some certified loser catfished a lady using a blogger’s idenity. Still don’t understand the thought process behind that one.