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Is This The Most Disrespectful Lacrosse Goal Ever? [Spoiler: Yeah, Probably]

Just a blatant disregard for human life. The one-handed flip pass. The behind-the-back feed from the top of the box with nobody covering him. And then to cap it all off, the one-handed behind-the-back bounce shot. 3 straight “fuck you and fuck your entire family” moves coming from the Everest Academy lax team on this goal. To make matters even worse, this was at even strength. 6v6. I could see a total breakdown like this when you’re playing man down in the freezing cold at a fall ball tournament (hosted by the squad over at My Lacrosse Tournaments) when you can’t feel your fingers and toes and all you want to do is to go home. But this was 6 up, 6 down. I hope there weren’t any college scouts checking out this game just for the sake of this kid’s future right here.


A real worthless performance coming from this kid. Get hands on your man or something. At least close that gap a little and pretend like you weren’t falling asleep out there. Now you’ve got the rest of your team trying to figure out who’s going, who’s 2, lose their man inside and boom, your team just got posterized harder than any team has ever been posterized in the history of the game.

P.S. – Hank. We in the lacrosse community are all counting on you to bring this goal up in “Talking Lacrosse” on Friday’s episode.

[h/t GameTime/BarDown]