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Mike Francesa's "12 Days Of Christmas" Is The Hottest Holiday Song Ever

All 12 days in order:

First day of Christmas – A piece of Cork

2nd Day of Christmas – GORILLERS

3rd Day of Christmas – Breast pumps

4th Day of Christmas – Clowns

5th Day of Christmas – Bolland Brand Sheets

6th Day of Christmas – Snowblowahs

7th Day of Christmas – Window Throwahs

8th Day of Christmas – Hoodie Footie

9th Day of Christmas – OH MY GAHD!

10th Day of Christmas – Heat Holders Socks

11th Day of Christmas – Mongo Nation t shirts

12th Day of Christmas – Maybochs

Francesa Claus!

Ho Ho HO-K? Now me and Santer Claus, we go way back. I actually met Santer. Known him a long time. We met in the Gahden one Christmas aftanoon, OK? Da Knicks were playin da Paces. I was in Jim Dolan’s box. Santer came right down the chimney. Told us those clowns at the otha station asked him to be numbah 1 in the ratings this year. I looked right at him and told him “Youah gonna have to do a lot more than ask Santer Clause to beat me in the ratings, ok? I’ve been sittin in dis seat delivering spawts takes longa than you’ve been deliverin presents.” *Grins* *Adjusts Mic*