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KFC Is Upset


I understand why KFC is upset. I really do. It’s fine, though. I’m not even gonna mention the fact that he got some of the facts wrong. I’m not gonna talk about how it was the home builder whose incentives made getting cash back possible or that we found that deal by being diligent and weighing our options. I’m not gonna get into the fact that VA mortgages are guaranteed to those who serve honorably for a predetermined period of time. It’s not important now. What’s important now is that we quell this storm before it spirals out of control.

I’m just gonna sit here in living room number 2 with the ceiling fan on and the air conditioner and heat off because it’s 67 degrees and sunny today and rack my brain about what I can do to make ole Clancy’s day turn around quickly. I like when my pals are happy and smiling!

“But Chaps, how are you gonna make KFC smile? He seems so cynical and possibly too far gone today. Shouldn’t you just wait until tomorrow? Maybe send him some Shari’s Berries or something. ”

At first, I agreed with you partly because those berries are delicious and a bargain. But then I remembered that there’s one thing that can ALWAYS cheer up Kevin Clancy.

PS: It’s gonna be watching Big Sexy from the theatre in my garage this season.