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Fat Bitch Gets Dragged Off Delta Flight Because She Tried To Board Early To Get Overhead Bin Space

Renespoints - Thanks to a reader who was on the flight I have a rather disturbing video to share showing a woman dragged off Delta flight 2083 from Detroit to San Diego today December 12th, 2016. I was told that:

“She didn’t check in with gate agent and walked right on. [The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space. Colleague in back by her said she was mouthy and had a huge attitude. Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground. Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a taser.”

I want to hate this fat bitch for trying to board early to get overhead bin space, but I kinda respect the move. Like I’m either gonna put my bag in the overhead or they are gonna have to drag my fat ass off this plane. And she didn’t blink for a second either. Went down with the ship. I mean making cops literally drag you down the aisles is some real Gandhi like protest shit.

For me though this video is all about the pilot calmly talking about the weather in San Diego and the length of the flight while all this madness was going down. It’s pilot 101 and it’s absolutely one of my pet peeves in life. When pilots act so calm, cool and collected when the shit is hitting the fan. It must be the first thing they teach in pilot school. Just talk to your passengers like kindergarten children and nobody will realize when flights are delayed or fat bitches are getting dragged to their death.