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UPDATE: We Did It, The Guy Ian Poulter Tried To Get Fired Isn't Getting Fired

We did it! Ian Poulter bent to the will of the internet and made it so the guy who called him a dick wouldn’t get fired. He of course did it in the most Ian Poulter way possible. Ian Poulter basically saved a guy from getting fired after Ian Poulter tried to get the guy fired. Him riding in on a white horse and acting like he saved the day after starting the whole thing is so fucking Poulter. Do an asshole thing and then act like the hero when you undo the asshole thing you did in the first place. Good job? And with credit in mind, I’m not gonna stand here and say me and the Stoolies forced Ian’s hand into calling the COO and saving that guy’s job, but we did. Pats on the back for all of us. This was your good deed of the day. Good job team.

PS- I don’t remember Poulter making a call and saving the job of the Stoolie he got fired who was simply using his freedom of speech. Curious. It seems only after a wave of social media pressure does Poulter change his ways.