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"Old Time Hockey" Is About To Be The Hottest Video Game Of 2017/Ever

One of the biggest issues with the EA Sports NHL franchise is that the game has gotten too realistic over the years. Long gone are the days that you can just auto score with a wraparound or a one-timer. The game actually takes skill to play these days and that’s horse shit. But in comes “Old Time Hockey” to the rescue. It’s pretty much everything that was perfect about NHL 94, old school barns, fights galore and it looks like you can play as the Syracuse Bulldogs and fuck everybody’s day up. Tell me you couldn’t waste an entire weekend away playing with Ogie Ogilthorpe and Dr. Hook McCracken. Hell, I may never leave the house again.

And the best part about this game? Well hopefully a bunch of little kids play it. And once they start to play the game, they’ll start to gain an appreciation for old time hockey. They’ll start to gain an appreciation for caring just as much about sending the other team to the hospital as they care about possession numbers. It’s no secret that the game is trending rapidly toward a bunch of stat nerds up in the press box making decisions based on their calculators. The best way to combat that is by putting this game in the hands of the next generation.

Eddie Shore. Old time hockey. Let’s Make Hockey Violent Again.