The Chuck-E-Cheese Challenge Where People Act Like Animatronic Singers Is My Least Favorite Viral Internet Challenge

I mean no disrespect to Mr. WhzGud, Bam The Dancer, and iGlide. I’m sure they are all outstanding gentlemen with nothing but the best intentions to make this internet trend blow up. But the last thing this world needs right now is viral videos where everyone is acting like those creepy ass sons of bitches from Chuck E Cheese. Which is a shame because we had such a nice run going with these challenges. The Ice Bucket Challenge videos were original as hell while also raising a TON of money and awareness for a great cause. The Running Man Challenge gave us epic moments like this. Even the Mannequin Challenge was fun before we reached perfection with the Take A Picture Of You Barely Blocking Out Your Tits And Pussy Selfie Challenge. How do we go from amateur almost softcore porn to acting like terrifying robots that will probably revolt against us one day? Keep that shit in Florida where it belongs with the Hall of Presidents and It’s A Small World. We need white people to do this Chuck E Cheese Challenge ASAP so it dies before it can spread any further. Send this blog to your parents on Facebook. Not for the pageviews but for the good of the internet. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

*Disclaimer: The only animatronics absolved from this rant/blog are the animatronics from Stew Leonard’s. They are fucking awesome, especially that sexy Chiquita banana bitch that keeps asses in the seats even when Stew isn’t flaunting his A-game free samples.

Nothing creepy about that at all.

RIP Twinkie The Kid