Two Old Ladies Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find The Candle Supply Store, Including Driving Off A Loading Dock

The last line of that video is pure comedic gold as well as the perfect mindset for old people. Who cares if you just totaled your car with smoke billowing from the engine? Gotta keep your eyes on the prize while you are still alive and find that fucking candle supply store. These two old coots needed to find that candle supply store more than they needed oxygen and/or a car that wasn’t in the midst of the most painful death rattle I have ever heard. Because if there is one thing I have learned from KFC Radio 2.0, it’s that being in the candle game is intoxicating. Probably not all that different from slinging rock on the corner. That’s why these grannies put aside their personal safety and wellbeing. To get the wax and wicks needed to push those units. Loading docks be damned.

Also if I ever saw smoke coming from my car, I would immediately run away from it simply because Grand Theft Auto taught me that it means the car is 1 step away from lighting on fire and 2 steps away from blowing up. These loser grandmas were clearly too busy making their precious candles to play GTA.