Introducing The Most Intense And Amazing Rock, Paper, Scissors Match You Will Ever See

Holy guacamole was that a magnificent video! Literally people crying in the aisles over some kind of rock, paper, scissors match. Literally, literally. Tears. People screaming, contestants shaking with emotion, tears streaming down faces. Just incredible passion here. I thought the time I beat my brother for shotgun back in October of 98 would be the most celebrated RPS victory of all time, but it looks like I was pretty wrong. Judging by the reactions there was either a billion dollars on the line or this was a Saw situation where you got to keep your life if you were the victor. Whatever it was, it was amazing. Ten times the spectacle the Super Bowl is.

PS – If you want to pick up a chick then the Japanese RPS matches might be the place for you. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type but aside from the ref I don’t think I saw a dude in the place.