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Kim Kardashian Reappears In A Commercial That Feels Like An Acid Trip

I have a question. Who are these LOVE mother fuckers and how the hell do they get every hot girl in the world to do naked photoshoots for them or weird commercials like that one we just watched? I swear every time some famous chick gets naked it’s for LOVE magazine. They’ve really cornered the market on getting super famous celebrities to take their tops off. I’m not hating, that’s a GREAT market to corner I just don’t understand how they did it. My best guess is they made themselves out to be the classy/artsy magazine that does tasteful nudes. It’s like the Bizarro Playboy. Do Playboy and you’re smelly garbage (no judgement from me, that’s society talking). But do LOVE magazine and you’re an elegant woman who loves her body. Good for them. Anyway. Weird as fuck commercial from Kim K there. I’ve never taken acid but I feel like I have after watching that. In all honesty, the commercial sucked. Not a great way to re-enter the public eye IMO.