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Hugh Hefner Death Rumors Spread Through The Internet, Hugh Posts A Snapchat With The Dog Filter Proving He's Alive

We may have a Weekend at Bernie’s situation going on here. We may have a body double. That may have been footage previously filmed. Because its entirely possible Hugh is already dead as shit. And if hes not yet, he’s going to be. Like, tomorrow. You ever seen a dead body? Before the funeral home gets their hands on it? Thats what Hugh looks like here.

And can we let the man die with dignity, please? Subjecting him to this snapchat dog filter nonsense in his dying days where he can barely understand whats going on around him. Hugh didnt build an empire on the backs of tits and ass and tasteful vagina shots so that he could be plastered on the internet with floppy ears and a wagging tongue. He womanized and smoked cigars and drank scotch while photographing pussy for a hundred years to become an icon. To die a legend. Not look like some Snapchat THOT. Let Hugh pop a Viagra, smash out, smoke a Cohiba and go quietly into the night.