Price Is Right Contestant Melanie Broke Out The Wildest Entrance To Contestant Row That I Have Ever Seen

I work with Loud Sean. I know Loud Sean. Loud Sean is a friend of mine. Melanie, you’re no Loud Sean. Make no mistake about it, you are absolutely the craziest person I’ve ever seen come on down to contestant row. I think the prayer and somersault sealed that up way before the sexier-than-it-should-have-been split. But this was on the Drew Carey Price is Right. Drew is basically a permanent substitute teacher when it comes to the show. You think Melanie pulls this shit with Big Bob Barker on the show?

Fuck no. Bobby would have tossed her out like Cowboy Joe West and told Rod to send another person down that had a better head on their shoulders before personally neutering an entire litter of newborn kittens.

Now don’t get me wrong, entrances, celebrations, and contestants like this are still a ton fun. It’s just that times have changed and things are different. If I heard any of the answers from today’s Family Feud 25 years ago when Ray Combs was putting on a clinic as host of the Feud, my head would have exploded. But these days I don’t even blink twice if someone answers with dildo or anal sex or some shit. 2016 is a different animal. Which is why I still take Loud Sean’s Price is Right entrance 100 times out of 100 when it comes to quality over Melanie’s. A man’s got to have a code.

h/t Jonny