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If Bradley Cooper Doesn't Win Best Actor For "American Sniper" I'll Boycott Movies Forever

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So I tweeted about this when I first saw American Sniper last month, but with the big news of the day being the Oscar nominations coming out I felt like I just had to set it in blog stone.  Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper was one of the best performances in movie history.  Scratch that, acting history in general.  Film, TV, Broadway, Off-Broadway, whatever, I don’t care.  If you act in it, Bradley Cooper took a shit on you with his Sniper role.  It’s that simple.

Listen I’m not a professional movie critic, I’m not an actor and I’m not a member of the Academy.  I haven’t seen The Theory of Everything but I’m sure Eddie Redmayne crushes Hawking.  I haven’t seen Birdman but by all account Keaton had an incredible performance.  Steve Carell is like one of my favorite dudes on the planet and was genius in Foxcatcher.  But as a normal guy who watches a lot of movies I know for a fact I haven’t seen something as awesome and powerful as the job Cooper did in American Sniper.  To take a character like that, a true American hero and patriot and completely transform yourself into him, to make an audience of random shmucks like me feel the terror of being at war and pain and sadness from being away from your family is basically unreal.  And getting the blessing and thumbs up from Kyle’s father for your performance as his late war hero son is just the icing on the cake.  Take the Best Actor Oscar, put Cooper’s name on it and let’s call it a day.

PS – If you told me in 2005 that this guy…

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…would end up being the best actor in the world in a biographical action war drama,  I would have shot you in the ass with a 20 gauge.

PS – When that Brit fuckboy Benedict Cumberbund or whatever ends up winning I’m not going to quit movies forever FYI, it’s called hyperbole, read a book.