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Paige Spiranac Got Engaged Over The Weekend

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I wanna say congrats but I can’t. I can’t even muster it. Am I happy for them? I can’t say right now. The wound is still too fresh. This isn’t how fairytales are supposed to end. What does that guy have that I don’t? Huh? That’s what I wanna know. Good looks? Fantastic teeth? A jawline? Enough money to actually purchase a ring? Has spent more than one hour with her? All of those things are overrated in my book. What her and I experienced on that warm late-February day at a Scottsdale driving range was real. Sparks flew. Emotions ran high. She actually talked to me man. I even let her hit a ball outta my mouth which, in my book, is like 20 dates. All in the name of hopefully spending the rest of our lives together. We would’ve been the power couple to end all power couples. Jay and Bey. Will and Jada. Trent and Paige. Only to find out she’s now engaged to be married to someone else. That’s a tough pill to swallow. A real tough pill. From the highest of highs with the John Daly follow to this. This one is gonna take awhile to bounce back from.

The one that got away

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