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This Little Girl Going Through Chemo But Refusing To Let Her Dad Carry Her Up The Stairs Is Your Monday Motivation

Well that’s just saddest/most motivating video these two eyes have ever seen. No excuses today people. Oh you drank too much this weekend and are tired? Oh you’re going through a 3-day hangover? Oh your girlfriend or boyfriend is mad at you? Well tough shit. Time for some perspective. Your problems are the smallest of problems compared to other stuff that’s going on out in the world. If that little girl going through chemo is strong enough to get up those stairs then you’re strong enough to get through whatever is going on in your life. Here’s how you’re gonna do it. Wipe the tears off your face (cause if you’re not crying after watching that then you should see a therapist), drink some coffee, put on some Perry Como Christmas music and kick today square in the face. Shoutout to that little girl. Keep on keeping on little one.