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Fast And Furious Eight Trailer Is Finally Out! No Better Cure For Your Sunday Scaries

I don’t know what the hell Charlize Theron did to make Dom betray his family, but it must be some serious shit. Sure, you and me would kill our mothers just to have Charlize look us in the eye, but Dom is the ultimate family man. Doesn’t care about anything else in this world. What could it possibly be? We’ll find out April 14th (I’m guessing she must have threatened them or something? No chance Dom, as long as he’s in complete control of himself and isn’t brainwashed or some shit, turns to do anything other than protect his family). But there are gonna be a lot of bullets, explosions, fast cars, and sexy ladies involved (sup Missadei) so you can sign me the fuck up right now. I’d pay everything in my bank account to watch this second. Sucks they’re only making 10 of these because I’d watch them until I’m old and gray if they let me.

And, as always, RIP Paul.