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Eagles Are Kings Of The Cocktease, Fall To Washington In Dramatic Fashion


Well that was fun. The season is officially over. Couldn’t even make it to Week 16 this year, either, which is humorous after a 3-0 start. Look, I know you can’t control the long snapper going down. But you know what you can do? Um, maybe somewhat prepare for the realistic situation and at least know who is next man up so YOU’RE NOT FUCKING HAVING OPEN TRYOUTS ON THE SIDELINE. Unbelievable. Other than that, the Eagles left, what? 17 points on the table? Yeah, I’m no John Nash but my math says if Wentz doesn’t throw a RZ pick, had some assemblance of a plan for who’s gonna snap the football, or don’t pull an unnecessary block in the back on Sproles’ punt return TD, the Eagles come out on top. Also, the penalties are getting old. Even with the Redskins trying to give the game away the Eagles still wouldn’t take it with open arms. I’d almost rather lose by 30 than fall like this. One thing’s for damn sure: Wentz is somewhat getting his mojo back. Just imagine what he’ll be capable of when he’s surrounded by actual football players.

You win again, Eric. Congrats. If I were allowed to talk playful shit in jest without feelings getting hurt, I guess I would. But I’m not going to bust balls anymore. So the ol’ Lego Head will just inflict pain upon himself by leaving this here.