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The Giants Reportedly Alerted The NFL That The Steelers Footballs Were Too Deflated During Last Week's Game

As a Giants fan, all I can say to the billions of people around the planet is that I am sorry my team has brought the term Deflategate back into the public eye. I truly cannot put into words just how sorry I am for this and all the conversations that will bubble up from it both in the news and on The Rundown. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. Please don’t take it out on my mad scientist coach that Deflategate is an immortal monster like Michael Myers that just won’t die. Can we all agree to blame Roger Goodell for this and move on?

And the fact that this was done between franchises that are literally linked by marriage means somebody won’t be getting a Christmas card this holiday season. Again, I am truly truly sorry.

Fuck this story.