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Breaking News -- Tiger Woods Has A CANNON

Did you see that arm? Holy fuck. Tim Tebow won a Heisman and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even have arms. Just more evidence that Tiger’s the best. More evidence that he’s the GOAT athlete of all time. More evidence that he’d dominate anything he did. More evidence that he’s more back than Slim Shady. More back than Arnold in T3. Never seen clearer evidence that he’s going to win 19 billion majors. Coming back and finishing in the top-15 was one thing, but that arm? Eldrick’s back motherfuckers.

PS — Guess we’re never tucking shirts again.

PPS — Guess we’re rocking cargos only from now on.

The rare cargo PANTS from Eldrick

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PPPS — Buy a shirt so you’re not the only loser without one when Tiger wins 100 Masters next April and so Trent and I can split a bonus that we’ll use for a wild golf/rumple minze trip.