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Eagles Puppet Dave Spadaro's Defense Of Zach Ertz's "Block" Is Disgusting

Ew. I know the only greater puppet under the Eagles Totalitarian Front Office rule is the head coach, but come on, man. You’re embarrassing yourself. That was more nauseating than Zach Ertz’s defense of Zach Ertz’s whiff, which I thought was impossible to top:

“That one play has come under a lot of scrutiny, obviously. But if you watch that game for all four quarters, I cramped up during the game and I still went out there and battled each and every play. All I care about is what my teammates and coaches think about me. That’s all I’m focused on.”

“I could see that Carson was easily going to make it out of bounds, and thought the play was over by the time I reached Burfict. Carson & I have discussed it and there are no issues. Our full attention is now on beating Washington.”

I get it. Ertz has a banged up ribcage and didn’t want to take on a freight train at full speed to risk injury. But don’t pull a Roger Dorn and give us this “Oley Bullshit”. At least try to give him a chip or actually get in his way before grabbing yourself by the pussy. Or be a real football player who makes millions from putting his body on the line to play a game for a living and attempt to send that LB into orbit. An emotional hit like that could act like an EKG for the team and get the lifeless heart pumping again.

PS – Played basketball vs. Spadaro once. The 5’nothing albino turtle, while brutally unathletic, is the biggest chucker in the history of chucks. Says everything you need to know about the man.