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UPS Driver Notices A Package That Says "Call 911" On It And Helps Police Find A Woman Being Held Captive In Her Own Home


CNN- A UPS driver who spotted “call 911″ scrawled on a package helped police free a woman who had been held captive in her own home and sexually assaulted, authorities said. “He was a huge help,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. T.J. Wild told CNN affiliate KMOV. The driver called police after making a scheduled stop to pick up the package at a home in Robertsville, Missouri, on Tuesday. A SWAT team sent to the house in response to his call took 33-year-old James Tyler Jordan into custody, police said.
Jordan’s wife told authorities that her husband had refused to let her leave, punched and slapped her, forced her to strip and sexually assaulted her, court documents state. She said he was holding a gun to her head and threatening to kill her, then himself, when the UPS driver arrived. Jordan allegedly had her talk with the driver while standing behind her with a gun. Somehow she had managed to write her plea for help on the package, according to the documents. That’s when the driver alerted authorities who were able to take Jordan into custody peacefully.

I know our boy KFC has the Mailtime Hall of Fame, but this UPS driver has to be inducted to whatever the opposite of that is. Do you know how many boxes are being avalanched on UPS drivers these days? Sisyphus ain’t got shit on the grind that all drivers of delivery trucks have in December. But UPS takes the cake because they got that Amazon contract that must be worth infinity dollars but also leads to infinity + 1 packages to deliver by December 25th. The delivery guys are probably so overtired and dread looking in their truck full of boxes every single day more than any of us could imagine. I even see bootleg drivers in Budget trucks dropping off packages because of the ridiculousness that is Christmas. If the delivery guys wanted to just say fuck it, take all our packages, and quit their jobs, I wouldn’t even blame them. Sure it would ruin countless Christmases but anyone that has ever worked ridiculous hours in their life would understand. But not this UPS driver. Dude is a legit hero by simply doing his job. Bill Belichick would be proud.