Ranking the Army Vs. Navy Uniforms


So me, Big Cat, Connor, Chaps, and Riggs are taking the RV to Army Navy tomorrow. I literally can’t wait. It’s a bucket list game for me. Probably the #1 college game I’d want to attend. We’ll be tailgating our faces off and can’t wait for the festivities. And as always with Army Navy the first battle in this game (no pun intended, but intended) is the uniform game. Both are awesome per usual. Aestethically I may prefer Navy, but the meaning behind Army’s uniforms can’t be touched. The 82nd Airbone. The devil patch. The skulls and crossbones. The 48 star flag. It’s Army for me. And I’m not just saying that because I’m an Army guy either. It’s because I’m an Army guy. #GoArmy #BeatNavy

Vote 1 for Army and 10 for Navy

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