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Semi-Pro Soccer Players Keep Purposely Missing Empty Nets For Publicity


This is the 2nd time in less than a month that something like this has happened. Misses like this when a soccer net is the size of Connor McDavid’s tampon should only happen about once per year. And here we are with two in one month. In case you forgot, this happened just over 2 weeks ago in Serbia.


And now I’ll say the same thing for this goal that I said for that one–either this miss was on purpose because this guy is a marketing genius and realizes the only way a low-tier soccer league in Greece is going to gain any traction is with a viral moment like a missed empty netter. Or somebody has a shit ton of money riding on this game and he’d end up getting shot in the face if he put this goal away to cover the spread. Actually, what it looks like here is that the goalie this dude were both in on the fix but just from different ends. The goalie makes it looks like his mistakenly lost control of the ball and gives them a free shot on net. Homeboy takes his sweet ass time taking the ball to the net and gives the defenders enough time to come in and make a play.

Or maybe the goalie and this dude just really blow and that’s why they’re stuck playing soccer in some low tier soccer league in Greece. I don’t know. The possibilities are endless but the more I watch it, the more I think maybe these guys just suck ass. What a journey that was.