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Kellyanne Conway Is Hoping That Bruno Mars Or Justin Timberlake Will Perform At Donald Trump's Inauguration

Pop pop it’s show time! I have no choice but to chalk this up as another win for the Trump camp. This is how you turn all those protesters’ frowns upside down. If Kellyanne Conway can get either of the two most electric humans in entertainment today to play Trump’s inauguration, they can probably ride a wave of goodwill from the American public for at least a full year. Trump could drop a deuce on the podium during his speech but all the world will talk about is the epic performance that Bruno or JT gave. No matter how bad a party is, great music can save it every single time. That’s basic science. The only thing I remember from that Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium that the Seahawks won by a billion was Bruno Mars stealing the show with his golden pipes and certified platinum dance moves. Putting either of these superduperstars on stage in front of the nation ensures Trump’s inauguration gets a B grade bare minimum. Plus it will probably be a ratings bonanza if Trump does indeed turn his inauguration into a reality show. The Donald’s speech can just be him screaming “Are you not entertained” like Maximus before throwing a sword into the ground and heading into the White House and make a case for a spot on the real life Mount Rushmore.

And I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but can you imagine if Bruno and Timberlake performed together? It would be like when Hulk Hogan and Macho Man (RIP) teamed up. Straight Mega Powers shit. And there will not a dry panty on the planet if that happens. Do the damn thing Kellyanne. You got a reality TV star with no political experience into the White House. Now give the people what they want. A Bruno/Timberlake collabo that will cause even Vlady Putin’s heart to grow three sizes that day. Make it happen, Kellyanne. Make America great again.

P.S. Diabolical subtle wink by Kellyanne at the end of that video. No way she doesn’t land these two titans of the music industry with a wink like that at her disposal.