Habs' Goalie Carey Price Punches The Devils' Kyle Palmieri Like A Psychopath

Uhh… Hey Carey. Just chill out, man.

Hockey is a different breed. Carey is punching down on Kyle’s back, which is a pretty important body part in my opinion, and then is completely nonchalant about after the game. In the NFL, if you step on someone it’s a SportCenter story for a year and a half and there’s congressional meetings about you.

I got run over on the first goal and then I took another one and I got fired up, I guess,” Price said.

Just got kinda fired up, I guess. Another Devils‘ game and another fight over someone’s body. The fact that I haven’t been watching hockey my whole life is the most disappointing thing about me. Remember, I was a virgin until I was 22 so that’s a strong statement.

Devils lost last night but this pass from Uncle Rico to Taylor Hall was pretty sexy. http://www.msgnetworks.com/videos/henriques-slick-behind-the-back-pass-sets-up-halls-ppg/