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Infowars' List Of Fake News Outlets Is Absolutely Hilarious

Just listing every single news outlet that doesn’t suck Trump’s dick as fake news is such a phenomenal move. You’re not saying they’re wrong. You’re not saying you disagree with them. You’re not saying they’re bad at what they do — You’re saying they’re fake. Not even real. When chicks call each other the b-word or the c-word that’s one thing. Just your average cat fight. But call a chick fake? She’ll lose her mind. Maybe kill herself. Fake is tough to come back from.

Listing CNN as a fake news outlet but not Fox News is laugh out loud funny. Breitbart, The Blaze, Free Beacon? Real, real, real. But NPR, New York Times, BBC? Fake, fake, fake. Have to respect the shit out of this list. Combatting this whole fake news narrative by calling every single news outlet that disagrees with you fake… a classic “I’m not dumb, you are!” move. Works every time.