You Can Now Get Plan B Delivered From A Bodega On Seamless



DNA Info- Seamless is a New Yorker’s best friend when it comes to ordering lunch, dinner, and … Plan B? A Lower East Side bodega is selling emergency contraception for $76.99 via the online food ordering service. Corner Grocers, at 140 Orchard St., has recently listed Plan B One Step — at a 50 percent markup from its average over-the-counter price — along with high-end products like gluten- and wheat-free noodles, coconut milk ice cream, and Cafe Grumpy cold brew, as one Reddit thread noted.

Time to buy stock in whatever pharmaceutical company produces Plan B and sell all your condom stock. Because everyone in the city will be going in raw for the foreseeable future. The only thing stopping them wasn’t the price tag associated with Plan B or a kid/STD. It’s having to bring the Plan B up to the cashier and knowing that cashier is judging you and while also thinking about you naked and fucking.

And shout out to the bodega for not only selling Plan B on Seamless but going Martin Shkreli with the markup. Capitalism at its finest. They know that having to face a delivery guy that may or may not know what’s in his bag is a million times easier than facing the pharmacy cashier and all the people in the pharmacy that are looking in your basket as they pass them. Just make sure to tip your delivery man who now knows that you definitely fuck.

P.S. Of course Seamless is a huge winner in all this as well because Seamless is the GOAT.