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A High School Fight Ended With The Nastiest Pro Wrestling-Style Suplex KO You'll Ever See



We’re nearing the end of my the 2016 Internet Fight Video of the Year balloting and the high school kids around the country clearly are taking notice. Not only was it a hell of a performance, the branding on the YouTube upload is tremendous:


Now apparently we’re hyping up high school dudes like they’re Kimbo Slice in the glory days of Sublime Directory. And for as much of a clear sign the youth of our great nation are in the shitter, I’m pretty excited about it. I mean teenagers were becoming Vine stars left and right with precious little skill, I’m way more in on the idea of seeing some dumb ass kids build up their legends on their high school campuses and start traveling the country battling the rest of the violent little miscreants out there. Half Hunger Games, half UFC, it’s perfect. Riley here is a goddamned innovator and an eater of teenage worlds. Work a little Conor McGregor swag into his game, build up some other kids around the country, and let’s make FINALLY start capitalizing a little on delinquency and urban decay. At best I can be the Don King of promoting underage fighters, at worst the Lou Pearlman, but it’s worth a shot. ONLY IN AMERICA!