The Entire NFL Just Got Put On Notice - RG3 Is BACK

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Wow, look at that footwork, that vision, the touch on that pass. The entire NFL just got put on notice, RG3 is BACK.

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The Chosen One himself, the man who was brought to Cleveland to save them, is ready to return to action.

If you recall, he signed with the Browns in the offseason, came up with 5 new catch phrases, cheated on his wife with a college student, and then fractured his shoulder in a week 1 loss to the Eagles because he refuses to go out of bounds and instead takes big hits. And now, 12 weeks later, he is going to come in and save the Cleveland Browns and I could not be more excited. Has he learned anything in his absence? Absolutely not. Will he be completely rattled by his second series? Absolutely yes. Is it now must watch football? Without a doubt in my mind.

If there is one great thing about RG3, it’s he truly believes he is god’s gift to football, that is the best, that he can make passes that no other QB can make, and that he still runs a 4.3 40.

So three cheers for RG3 being back. I wish him nothing but the best. But just in case he hasn’t all of a sudden changed his entire game and outlook on life, let’s just keep McCown’s arm warm. Or Kessler’s. Or Whitehurst’s. Or maybe just have Terrell Pryor toss it to himself.