Bill Belichick's Autograph Is So Perfectly Bill Belichick

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.53.52 AM

Unreallllll autograph from Belichick here. I thought maybe, since it was for charity, he wrote it like he was just learning penmanship. But upon further investigation, that’s how he signs every autograph he gives. That’s just his signature.

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No fancy letters flailing around trying too look cool for Bill. It’s a team effort to reach a goal. You think a letter is going to step out of line, try and grab attention, and make the whole thing about himself? Hell fucking no. Think letters are going to get sloppy and not do their job? Fucking doubt it. You’re all role players here to accomplish the job of getting people to read words. Precise and exact, that’s how Bill Belichick likes his football teams and it’s how he likes his signatures.

h/t Mitch