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An Instagram Model Got Busted On Video Agreeing To Take A 13-Year-Old's Virginity For Money

So one of the sordid underbellies of Instagram that people don’t talk about…lots of escorts on there. Some more shameless than others but for whatever reason it’s a pretty thin line between “posting pictures of my ass for likes and pseudofame” and “being willing to get flown to Dubai and get hollowed out by rich dudes wearing way too much Drakkar Noir.” A site called Tagthesponsor has been going in on these chicks for a while now but this clip above of model Alaina Gonzalez (Instagram shockingly now private) is one of their most viral busts ever to the point where Tagthesponsor’s been crashing all morning with the traffic coming their way. It’s sort of an interesting look at something that obviously you may assume happens with chicks seemingly with no job in the fanciest hotels and beaches around the globe but had no idea to what extent it goes on.

Overall though I’m perplexed as to how this exists in reality. I mean it’s not like this chick is so famous or anything but the fact that she fancies herself a model of any sort and is willing to do all this, read the terms on video in a manner similar to the most pleasant and vacuous hostage ever, and then thank the dude at the end for the privilege. I get $50k is a lot of money for anyone and I understand that if she weren’t getting paid for it she’d just be doing it for free (perhaps not the fucking a pubescent teen part but the other stuff) but my God man just a little bit of dignity here. You’re on camera saying you’re willing to take a 13-year-old’s virginity AND let him fuck you in the butt in a night where you’re banging a handful of dudes and letting one dude go full Rex Ryan on your feet. And it’s not even real! It’s just some random guy obsessed with outing chicks as banging for pay and he’s duping hundreds of these chicks left and right into sending nudes, doing videos like this, it’s an awful showing for these chicks.

At the same time: Great argument for why pimps still need to exist. You pull this shit with some chick who’s more tits and willingness to fuck kids in a race car bed than brains, it’s a hit. You pull this shit on Winky down the block and there’s a gun, a pistol whipping, and the only pissing going on is in the pants of the dude pulling the con. Time for pimps to get back out there and start winning some PR battles. Pimps: They’ll Save You From Agreeing To Fuck An Imaginary 13-Year-Old And Let Him Put It In Your Butt On A Viral YouTube Video

(h/t BB)